The Plastek Group is dedicated to integrating automated manufacturing processes to increase production, reduce downtime, and—most importantly—to help ensure that manpower is reserved for vital, value-added work. Automated set-up, material handling, sorting and assembly functions reduce costly, labor-intensive tasks. At the same time automation frees production teams to make more critical contributions to process management and product quality.


Robotics is used whenever possible to reduce labor related costs or to improve the manufacturing process. Automation applications can be as simple as weigh and pack stations to complex multi-station systems.

This integrates molding, decorating, assembly and packing processes into a single smooth and efficient operation.


Robotic Palletizers has been implemented in Plastek to provide automatic stacking boxes of customer products on to a pallet. Basically the Robot grabs the product from a conveyor and positions it onto a pallet.

Some of the benefits include:

  • The demanding high production volume and the speed of the Robotic Palletizer to prepare pallets versus manually placing boxes on pallets.
  • No human error when stacking boxes on to the right pallets.
  • No damage of customer products when manually preparing Palleta
  • Manually placing boxes on pallets can be time consuming and expensive; it can also put unusual stress on workers.


With the implementation of SAP xMII, Plastek is now able to provide a direct connection between shop-floor systems and business operations. It ensures that all data that affects manufacturing is visible in real time - including information about orders, materials, equipment status, costs, and product quality. This new technology allows Plastek to reliably produce to target, with cost reductions and quality improvements that are above industry average.


Automation is one more time, key for Plastek in the complete Production process of the customer’s parts, from molding the parts until the assembling of them. Plastek has implemented in all of the Plants the “Airtran” transport method as part of the Production process. The parts been produced in the Molding Area are sent immediately by Air Pressure pipes to the Assembly Area to be assembled immediately. This automated process allow Plastek to rapidly take care on the Assembly of the parts, as soon they are produced, minimizing production time, eliminating stocking of unfinished parts and avoiding any possible damage if using manual transport.


The implementation of Forklift Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) in one of our Warehouse is part of the newest innovation for Plastek. The AGV’s, are able to automatically pick up and deliver pallets, rolls, containers and many other transportable loads with no Human interactions other than a simple call from one of the Work Station.

Some of the benefits obtained by Plastek are:

  • Warehousing (narrow aisle, deep-lane stacking, block storage, racking)
  • Buffer storage
  • End-of-Line handling
  • Picking from conveyors, palletizers, stretch wrappers
  • Trailer loading / unloading
  • Transport between production and warehouse
  • Automatic Inventory updates
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CPD Palletizer

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Automated Production Data Collection

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