Our team is assigned to Strategic Target Clients. They will design the Product, bring all the support during the Unit Cavity Development and assist on site at Client Filling Facilities with the intent to show full Client Support.

Here are some of the most important topics they will be responsible for:

  • Research / Information gathering - existing products, new technologies, assist in defining product with customer.
  • Concept development - mechanical/cosmetic/ergonomic etc.
  • Assembly and 3D model development.
  • Rapid prototype - SLS/SLA/FDM etc.
  • Design/engineer for assembly and manufacture.

In testament to the company’s design capabilities, the Plastek engineering and design staff has received numerous industry awards from leading consumer brands such as Revlon, Procter & Gamble.

The Plastek engineering team collaborates with customers to integrate parts drawings, mock-ups, and technical specifications with molding production parameters. Detailed images of package concepts are developed, and prototype, single cavity tooling is built from 3-D CAD models for sample runs.

Engineering completed during prototyping is applied to the production tool making phase to ensure minimal lead times and tooling costs.

plastek group product development