Our Product Design Staff offers creative solutions in package shape, design and function, with an emphasis placed on design for manufacturing.

Plastek has the in-house capabilities to design tooling for both injection & injection blow mold applications. Our tool designers can work from part drawings or preliminary markups along with your specifications and production requirements to design molds best suited to meet your needs.

More than 15 Mold designers with Combined Experience in Excess of 200 Years in Various Injection Mold Industries that includes fields in Medical, Personal Care/Consumer, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Nutritional Health and Pharmaceutical.

With experience using Auto-Cad Mechanical Desktop, ProEngineer, ProMan, Manufacturing Expert 3-D tool design and Mold Flow software and the latest in computer workstations, you can be assured that our tool designs will give high productivity and low maintenance.

Due to a variety of existing (1), (4) or (6) cavity “production engineered” pilot tools across a variety of product categories, Plastek can offer pilot tool quality “prototype parts” on an equivalent time frame as traditional prototype parts.

This route allows Plastek to eliminate a significant amount of the tool design associated with pilot phase (bolster) & start focusing on production mold design.

plastek group mold design engineering plastek group mold design engineering