Joseph J. Prischak, Chairman of the Board for the Plastek Group, began his career at Erie Resistor in the molding department, then moved on to the tool room where he took up his apprenticeship. Later, he went to work at Penn Erie Manufacturing where he realized the potential of the tool making field.

With two partners, he founded Triangle Tool Company in 1956. Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Triangle Tool quickly became a leader in mold design and manufacturing. They developed many of the standards and practices that are used in the tool industry today.

The group moved into the plastics field in 1971 with the founding of Plastek, also in Erie. Persistence and tremendous commitment to client satisfaction earned molding business from customers such as AMP, Eastman Kodak, IBM, RCA Burroughs, Burndy and Polaroid.

When his partners wanted to retire in 1983, Mr. Prischak bought their shares of the business with an eye towards continued growth. Later that year he entered the consumer packaging business with the purchase of Spectrum Molding and Engineering. Plastek quickly captured a large share of the solid deodorant stick container market while maintaining a substantial presence in the automotive electronics and computer industries.

Over the past thirty years, Mr. Prischak has stewarded the growth and development of Plastek, taking it from a handful of workers to over 2000 employees. In 1991, he was honored with the "Master Entrepreneur of the Year" Award which is sponsored by Inc. Magazine, Merril Lynch Financial Services and the national accounting and consulting firm of Ernst and Young. He has served on the Hamot Corporators Board, and currently serves on Penn State Behrend Council of Fellows. Mr. Prischak was a driving force behind the development of the Plastics Technology Program at Penn State University, and has supported many other organizations.

In June of 1999 the company opened its first facility outside the United States in the United Kingdom followed by the opening of a plant in Brazil in May of 2000, and an additional plant opening in Hamlet, North Carolina in July 2010.