In testament to the company’s design capabilities, the Plastek engineering and design staff has received numerous industry awards from leading consumer brands such as Revlon, Procter & Gamble.

The Plastek engineering team collaborates with customers to integrate parts drawings, mock-ups, and technical specifications with molding production parameters. Detailed images of package concepts are developed, and prototype, single cavity tooling is built from 3-D CAD models for sample runs.

Engineering completed during prototyping is applied to the production tool making phase to ensure minimal lead times and tooling costs.

Package Design For Manufacturing

Customer Package Development

Tool Design
  • -Identify proper equipment for all phase of project
  • -Manufactring feasibility study
  • -Review for available capacity
  • -Quote tooling as necessary
  • -Customer driven package development including all interior mechanism, seals, and fils from customer concepts
  • -Review package design with manufacturing engineer
  • -Mechanical adjustments as necessary
  • -Finalize package for SLA/rapid proto-type pilot tool
  • -Carry out mold flow/cool/wrap
  • -Finalize necessary package refinements (artwork, logo, ID, etc...)
  • -Design mold and conduct design review meetings
  • -Coordinate all engineering
  • -Documentation and Procedures
  • - Keep all engineering and product drawings up to date